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Story Images
« on: May 17, 2019, 11:55:46 am »
We have just added the ability to embed images in your stories. This is a much requested feature but has been on the back burner because of various issues surround hosting images.
  • They are large and would be costly to host
  • We would have to moderate what images were uploaded
  • It could affect site performance if inappropriately large images are added
  • It could make the stories look a mess
The only solution we could come up with on this is to use an image hosting service, this is because:
  • Any images uploaded will need to meet their T&Cs
  • They will be able to serve the images up much faster than our servers could
  • We don't need to handle managing the image files, adding, deleting, editing etc
So this is the way, for the moment, that adding images to stories will work:
  • Go to, create an account and/or log in
  • Click on your name in the top right and click "Images"
  • Click on "Add Image"
  • Once your image is uploaded click on it and the click the "Copy" button next to "Direct Link"
  • Back on go and create/edit your story
  • In the editor click on the image icon and enter the url you have copied (urls for sites other than imgur will be ignored)
  • Click "OK" and image will appear where your cursor was in the editor
For this first pass at this functionality you will only be able to add inline images with no formatting, size changing etc and the image will be forced to the width of the story area. I would advise using images that fill that width (this is a maximum of 1140px, they will be shrunk to fit smaller devices) and adding them either at the top of the story part or on a new line if they are in the middle of text as this will look best.

This is a trial of the functionality, if I feel people are adding overly inappropriate images, it is affecting site performance or caused unforeseen issues I may remove it again.

Lo xx

p.s. Please feel free to post in the Site Suggestions forum about this and I will respond to any queries.
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